Why does Heartland Visioning Exist?

Mission Statement since 2008

To create…"A Growing, Prosperous, Dynamic, and Trusting Community," in Topeka and Shawnee County.

What does Heartland Visioning do?

Heartland Visioning facilitates community change to improve our quality of life in Topeka and Shawnee County.  

Who is Heartland Visioning?

Management Committee, Steering Committee Visionary Volunteers, two and a half Heartland Visioning Staff, and You!

Visioning Process

1. Engage Community (Listening)

  • Listens to understand citizen input on issues, concerns, ideas, and dreams

2. Establish Community Priorities (Strategize)

  • Assess data and establish priorities
  • Form network teams to address priorities holistically

3. Convene Public and Private Partnerships (Social Capital – Power of the people!)

  • Explore and respond to gaps
  • Encourage Cooperation
  • Find adaptive, imaginative, creative solutions
  • Follow through on community projects: NOTO, Downtown Redevelopment, Riverfront, etc.

4. Communicate with Community (Celebrate Success)

  • Sharing of information with community, volunteers, donors, and government entities

Where does the funding come from?

  • Public – approximately 35% public – County & City
  • Private – approximately 65% corporations, businesses, foundations, individuals

A list of our funders can be found here.

How to Contribute?

Heartland Visioning is an LLC within the Topeka Community Foundation 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  •  Click here if you would like to contribute to Heartland Visioning.

Our belief?

 Heartland Visioning is valuable to the community because...

"Leaves personal agendas in the parking lot and brings the communities agenda into the meeting." 
"Gives me talking points and pride to talk proudly about Topeka."
"Gives diverse voices and opportunities for input for future." 
"Brings together, so creates a unified vision."
"Helps build trust, brings positive energy."
"If big ideas or visions aren’t talked about, than they won’t happen. It starts with collective conversations."
"The residual effects of sitting next to someone and then exploring opportunities. The effects of the relationships formed here might not ever be known."

- Steering Committee, Visionary Volunteers

The Visioneer

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120 SE Sixth Ave Ste 110
Topeka, KS 66603