What do millinnials really want?

Since moving to Topeka 11 months ago, I have observed many organizations objectives to recruit and retain more millineals or young professional to the community. Through conversations I have learned about gaps in this area anywhere from large corporations Human Resources encouraging their young recruits to live in Lawrence to Washburn students graduating and then moving elsewhere.

Next time you think about this adaptive challenge, start by asking a millennial what they really want? Listen to that person’s desires for the future. I’ll make it easy. Start with me.

In my community I want...

  1.  Lots of people around my age to be friends with and (elephant in the room) to date
  2.  A job in which I am contributing something meaningful to this earth
  3.  Opportunity to exercise leadership no matter my title or authority
  4.  My voice and my engagement welcomed and valued
  5.  Innovation…change is good
  6.  Mentors, role models, and environments to develop
  7.  Down to earth, passionate, and non-pretentious people
  8.  Space to be creative, walk, bike, run, exercise, spend time outdoors
  9.  Ease of access to travel (I don’t have to be in the mountains all the time, just opportunities to get there.)
  10.  A healthy church family to grow in actionable faith
  11.  Close enough to family for visiting and far enough away to exercise independent living

Heartland Visioning is working both with and for the community to make many of these desires become a reality. Remember, I am only one young professional. My challenge to you is to ask a milllineal what they really want in the community. Then invite them to the table and partner with them to make it happen! 

April 10, 2015

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