Take a Seat vs. Walk and Talk

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When my 40 hour work weeks began, I was warned: “- ,you will gain weight simply from sitting so much.” Yikes! Why do we have a system that is so conducive to sitting? Is sitting the next smoking? That might be a stretch of a statement, but before sitting at a desk all day every day becomes my norm, I want to do my part in re-thinking this.

But, how do we re-think the norm?

RE-THINKING is something Ted Talks are diligently teaching people everywhere. Last fall Topeka was both excited and supportive of hosting a TedxTopeka event. Nathan Morris, Topeka’s Tedx Organizer shares:

“TED talks challenge me to look at everything differently. All of us are problem solvers and if we are lucky we get to spend our whole lives trying to come up with solutions. I’ve learned ‘normal’ solutions are not always the best.”

Is sitting at a desk the normal solution to doing my job effectively? Listen to this Ted Talk and join me in re-thinking this for three minutes!

Got a meeting, take a walk?

Heartland Visioning is helping our community re-think what is possible. Before the end of the year we can look forward to another authentic TedXTopeka event. In the meantime, when I ask you to meet with me, could we do a walk and talk instead? Let’s roll up our dress pants, slip on our chacos, and re-think taking a seat.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the TedXTopeka team for more info and share your favorite Ted Talk here.

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