Parks and Recreation

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In 2013, we asked the community what they valued. An overwhelming response was our community's outstanding recreation infrastructure and parks. This network team identifies how we can support the implementation of Shawnee County's Parks and Recreations Master Plan.

In 2015 Parks and Recreation Network Team worked on communicating the new Master Plan changes to the P + R staff and community. You can read more about the changes here. The new vision states, “Our vision for Shawnee County Parks and Recreation is to be recognized by the community as a positive, progressive, innovative, and caring quality of life organization that is able to provide long-term vitality and economic sustainability for Shawnee County through vibrant parks, recreation facilities, and program experiences that inspire people to want to live, work, and play in the county.” Their next initiatives fall into both increasing community pride and recruiting Topeka/Shawnee County First! Heartland Visioning will continue to partner with Shawnee County Parks + Rec to highlight and promote our parks and the quality of life it adds to our community in 2016.