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During the 2013 community meetings our citizens expressed a need for a variety of entertainment events including cultural, family friendly and more. Our community wanted to answer the age old question "What is there to do in Topeka?" This network team brings together venues, organizers and attendees to coordinate and support our entertainment and cultural diversity in our downtown during the current transformation of our community.

In 2015 Heartland Visioning Entertainment Network Team worked on the community event calendar Topeka 365. This should be finished by spring of 2016. They also partnered with Washburn University Marketing Research Student’s survey to aide in understanding Topeka’s entertainment preferences.

Washburn University Assistant Professor of Marketing, Tom Hickman, School of Business has created a study asking Topeka and Shawnee County residents about their entertainment preferences and spending habits related to those preferences. Last semester students surveyed to understand what Millennials are looking for in the entertainment industry. Results will be made available late March 2016 and include spending preferences, media outlet preferences and more.

This semester students of the Washburn Marketing Research class will focus on non-students, older Millineals, Generation X and Baby Boomers in order to ascertain differences and similarities of these populations to those found in previous research. Heartland Visioning will be sharing the survey amongst community members from February 12, 2016 through March 14, 2016. These results will then be made available in May of 2016.

Participation is solicited, but strictly voluntary. The survey should take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. Be assured that no personal information is collected and your responses will remain completely anonymous. You will be given the opportunity to voluntarily include your name and contact information to be included in the prize drawings, March 21 to win Prizes from Downtown Merchant’s gift basket, Topeka Zoo Gift Shop package, and Two Topeka Civic Theatre’s Laugh Lines Comedy Improv tickets.

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In 2016 the entertainment network team focus will shift to community pride.