Dynamic Core

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The citizens of Topeka and Shawnee County identified their continued desire for a dynamic and vibrant downtown in 2008 during the first round of Heartland Visioning's community meetings and again in 2013 five years later. This network team, lead by Mayor Wolgast, serves an oversight role in coordinating the development of downtown, riverfront, and the North Topeka Arts District (NOTO.)

Dynamic Core 9.9.16

Discussing: Vince Frye, Roger Underwood, Joe Terick, Larry Gawronski, Kathy Clark, Mikki Burcher, Brett Oetting, Matt Pivarnik, Grant Glenn

Focus/Purpose: Update on all major projects occurring in the Dynamic Core of 10th Street through downtown, the river, and NOTO ending at Gordon Street.

  • Need to improve neighborhoods outside the dynamic core.
  • Need to provide programming to continue to draw people to the core.
  • Need diverse community ambassadors that communicate the great things happening throughout the community.
  • A possible video highlighting the future plans (NOTO, Oregon Trail Park, downtown, riverfront development, etc.) for people to be informed and to create excitement.
  • Possible group of social media ambassadors that can create a social media buzz.
  • The reality that we will never be done with the dynamic core – it will be ever changing.
  • The importance of Fast Forward in educating them about the great things happening in Topeka and having them communicate it to their peers.