2014-2016 Priorities and Network Teams


Recruit Topeka/Shawnee County First

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The community has expressed concern about business human resource personnel, realtors, and members of the general public who openly recommend people to consider living in Lawrence and Kansas City rather than locating to Topeka and Shawnee County First. In order to achieve population growth and sustainability there is a need to highlight and sell Topeka in a unified and compelling voice.

Community Pride and Services

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Members of our community expressed concerns for public safety, public health and human services during our 2013 community meetings. Our citizens also desire a renewed feeling of awareness, pride and civic engagement. This network team investigates potential gaps in current public safety, public health and human services and ways to increase overall community pride.

Dynamic Core

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The citizens of Topeka and Shawnee County identified their continued desire for a dynamic and vibrant downtown in 2008 during the first round of Heartland Visioning's community meetings and again in 2013 five years later. This network team, lead by Mayor Wolgast, serves an oversight role in coordinating the development of downtown, riverfront, and the North Topeka Arts District (NOTO.)


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During the 2013 community meetings our citizens expressed a need for a variety of entertainment events including cultural, family friendly and more. Our community wanted to answer the age old question "What is there to do in Topeka?" This network team brings together venues, organizers and attendees to coordinate and support our entertainment and cultural diversity in our downtown during the current transformation of our community.

Parks and Recreation

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In 2013, we asked the community what they valued. An overwhelming response was our community's outstanding recreation infrastructure and parks. This network team identifies how we can support the implementation of Shawnee County's Parks and Recreations Master Plan.


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A hot topic at our 2013 community meetings, transportation was discussed at nearly all 21 meeting locations. Vast differences desired in transportation needs varied in each segment of our community. This network team works towards creating and implementing transportation initiatives within existing organizations.